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About Us

   Our Mission is: about saving lives and protecting people...

We started our company in 1991 with two families, literally out of our garages. Among us we had master’s degree in business, a computer expert, a scientist with a masters degree and a psychologist with a Ph.D.

Armed with our divergent backgrounds, we set out on a mission to provide slip resistant, protective coatings for surfaces. We were fortunate to combine our skills with an inventor and entrepreneur from Cape Town, South Africa.

Over the years, we have expanded our markets to include the building/construction industry, the marine industry (including US Navy ships, pleasure craft and workboats) and the vehicular industry (including trucks, heavy equipment construction vehicles and automotive applications). There are many types of special projects where our unique products are of great benefit as well. This, combined with our use of the synergies of our state-of-the-art fire retardant technology and our new water-based polyurethane, allow us to adapt our products to solve problems for our expanded customer base.

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